pennbattle34000reel| The name of the fund that "makes people dizzy"

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Original titlePennbattle34000reel: "Cube Watch | the name of the fund that makes people dizzy"

Source: Dahe Financial Cube

Xu Bing, a reporter for □ Dahe Financial Cube.

In the era of a surging number of funds, investors often have the feeling of "making people dizzy" in the face of a dazzling array of fund names.

pennbattle34000reel| The name of the fund that "makes people dizzy"

According to the statistics of the securities firm in China, it is close to 1.Pennbattle34000reelAmong the .20,000 funds, an obvious phenomenon was found: funds named after popular words such as "value", "growth", "preference", "return" and "competitiveness" emerged one after another, forming a significant clustering phenomenon. In addition, there is a naming method of concatenation of a single word, in which the word "Xin", which is composed of three gold characters, is widely used and becomes a particularly common naming element. Even, these double-name funds have been around for a full 20 years.

In fact, this not only reflects the homogenization of the fund industry, but also exposes the lack of naming norms and innovation, which makes the fund industry fall into a large "face-to-face" melee.

First of all, the homogenization of the name of the fund, just like the homogenous residential district full of high-rise buildings in the city, looks spectacular, but in fact it is lack of personality, which makes it difficult to distinguish. "value, growth, optimization, return, competitiveness" and other high-frequency words piled up into the bricks of the name of the fund, so that investors in the choice as if into the "labyrinth", difficult to distinguish between the north and the south. This is not only a problem for investors, but also a loss of fund personality and brand recognition.

Secondly, the word series, such as "Xin" phenomenon, although implying wealth, but overuse makes the fund name as if copied and pasted on the "template", losing its uniqueness. There is nothing wrong with fund companies pursuing the moral of wealth, but blindly pursuing it makes the fund name lose its due innovation and cultural connotation, just like fast food, although it is not a long-term solution to temporary needs.

To talk about this "abbreviation" chaos, the original intention is to facilitate memory, but because of the lack of norms, it adds to the chaos. Fund referred to as a variety of, dazzling, not to mention ordinary investors, even professionals have to check the code to distinguish. This confusion obviously violates the original intention of fund naming, reduces the efficiency of market information transmission, and makes people call "dizzy".

The core competitiveness of the fund should be based on performance and management capabilities, not just names. In the end, investors are attracted to performance and remember fund managers, not names. But a good name can add color to the fund, like good packaging, making the product more attractive rather than intrinsic value. Therefore, while pursuing performance and management, the fund industry should also pay attention to the innovation and standardization of names, so that investors can clearly identify and make the market more orderly.

Behind the phenomenon of "making people dizzy", the fund is a warning of homogeneity, a call for innovation and a need for standardization. Fund companies should take this opportunity to jump out of the mystery of "fame" and pursue not only the breakthrough of performance, but also the innovation of "fame", so that investors can easily navigate among many funds and find the star that is really suitable for them. After all, although there are many funds, the stars that can be remembered are those whose performance is shining.

(trainee Editor: Li Wenyu | revision: Li Jinyu | Audit: Li Zhen | Supervision and Review: Wan Junwei)

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